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March 16, 2009

Settlers of Catan: Burt Edition

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After playing Settlers of Catan with our dear friend Chris at Jubilee Partners, we decided we must get one. It’s a really great board game, sort of a blending of Risk and Monopoly, except more ethical….namely, it’s the (mostly) non violent version of Risk combined with the non materialistic version of Monopoly. We’re not fans of games that reinforce the idea that the richest person wins. Then again, one could argue that this game teaches it’s ok to plunder the earth’s resources to build more settlements and cities. Anyway, we’re cheap, and couldn’t agree to spend fifty bucks for it online.

So that led to us researching online how many pieces to make, one weekend printing out lots of resource and development cards, one weekend of cutting out and painting the wood pieces, and we ended up with the Burt edition of Settlers. We’re pleased with how it turned out, so we finally took some pictures and thought we’d put them here…mainly for Chris, the most intense Settler ever. :) Here’s to Chris…

(Note: The picture is the setup for the two person version, but we have the full board and the expansion set as well.)


October 9, 2008

Where is Wall Street again?

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Ok, I’m not that ignorant on what’s going on…close, but not quite. Since my ignorance in economics disables me from making any comments on the financial situation, I thought I’d point out something a little lighter. Has anyone else noticed the pictures that CNN (and I’m sure others) are using for their stories on the economy? It’s actually quite funny…it seems as though they have some photographers who are trained to go around Wall Street and find people with despairing looks, most of whom have their hand over their face somewhere and some of whom have put both hands on their heads. If I worked in Wall Street and wanted to be in the news, I would get a group of my friends together, find something random that we could look up and watch, and all put our hands on our heads or one hand over our mouth and try to squeak out a tear or two. We’d be on the news in minutes. 

Please excuse my flippancy, I realize that the crisis itself isn’t funny. On a more serious note, I thought this article about a sheriff in Chicago was really interesting. Check it out here.

Or if you’d rather see the video…


April 21, 2008

Declaration of Delirium – Upcoming Summer

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And the last column of my entire career in humor! This one’s really just as bad as the last. Sorry. I’m not real sure if anyone actually read these columns…but if you did, hope you enjoyed the light hearted break from blogging. Soon, we’ll be back to our regular blogging, random and infrequent as usual.  :)  Peace.

April 15, 2008

Declaration of Delirium – New Year’s Resolutions

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Here’s the 4th of 7 columns…enjoy it, or something.

On a side note, the camping/fishing trip this weekend was great. Caught 8 delicious bass. :)  The only thing negative about the trip is that, somewhere along the way, I developed a tremendously painful crick in the neck. I took off work yesterday after seeing one patient, and Amanda stayed home from work to help me get in and out of bed (yeah, it was that bad…I could barely move my head without cringing in pain, and absolutely no position was entirely comfortable). I had a wonderful massage by our friend Christina (thanks again!!!) which gave me some range of motion back and made yesterday evening much more comfortable. Still painful this morning, but I’m trying to stay positive that it will wear itself off (especially with the occasional muscle relaxer I’m taking).

So here’s to checking eyeballs when you can’t move your head. :) Cheers!

April 10, 2008

Declaration of Delirium – The Road to Achieving Popularity

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This is the post that led me to receive remarks about being crude. Go figure.

April 7, 2008

Declaration of Delirium – The Stinkin’ World of Younger Brothers

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We had a great reunion with friends this weekend at Washington State Park, Missouri. It was so wonderful to see you all. On our way back, the TN bound car discussed farms and chickens and cows for probably an hour. (oops, I think we were supposed to be discussing positive things we’ve gleaned from our churches in the last year) I thought, because of that discussion, this next humor column might be appropriate.

For those who don’t know, I grew up on a sort of farm. I call it a sort of farm because it wasn’t a real farm, one used to make the family’s living. It was a privilege farm…one a family with a pharmacist father and homemaker mom can enjoy because they like horses and want a country setting. Don’t get me wrong, I loved our sort of farm and was very fortunate to grow up on one…it was hard work, and I learned many valuable things because of it. Plus it was fun! We had bantam chickens, several horses, almost 40 cows at one point, turkeys, ducks, barn cats, dogs, fish ponds, 54 acres of pasture and partially wooded land, and a big barn where we had the tack room, chicken coop, loft with hay bales galore, and stalls where we’d occasionally keep our larger pets. That’s right, pets. We named all of our thirty something cows…Biscuit, Wishbone, Domino, Ringer, Socks, Guts (she was named after childbirth when her uterus prolapsed) Samson, Betsy, Lucille, etc. Heck, I even rode one…maybe I’ll scan in that picture someday. And maybe I’ll talk more about my awesome farm experience as a kid, one I’m so glad I had the privilege to enjoy.

But for now, back to the humor column. Enjoy. :)

March 16, 2008

“Signs of Success”

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World Vision is a Christian organization that provides humanitarian support worldwide. Great ratings at Charity Navigator, 4 of 4 stars actually. So, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I have to post a funny mistake in their latest publication, specifically in a short article called “Signs of Success”:

“World Vision works in nearly 100 countries, serving the world’s poorest children and families. From emergency relief after earthquakes to sustained development through child sponsorship, World Vision serves nearly 100 million people, including 1.6 people in the United States.”


It’s so nice to see such a large organization giving back to almost two people in its own country! I’m just not sure what that means…does the second person only get 3/5 of a meal? heehee. Anyway, I won’t poke any more fun. Besides, I’ve got to run…I’m going downtown to give someone half of one of my homeless bags.

February 26, 2008

Freegans on TV

I’m not sure what we can or can’t say about our upcoming TV appearance. So I’ll just post this straight from the website…


Yep, that’s me in the dumpster (those tomatoes were yummy, by the way). The show will air tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th. Hope you can tune in!!

Madeline did a great job, we thought. Amanda and I felt that we were too scared and shell shocked to really articulate ourselves well, but our hope is that at least viewers can see our convictions in action if not in words. Hope you enjoy. And don’t laugh at my hair…they used a gallon of hair spray and tried hard (though it was quite difficult for them) to make it look like I cared about fashion and appearance. :) Amanda was gorgeous, as always.

Hope you enjoy. We’d love to hear what you think!

February 24, 2008

To New Friends and Cool People

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We’ve met some cool people lately. Some have been through our involvement with the media. Some have been through random meetings, or conversation with patients.

I had a patient yesterday who was retired, but continuing his 40 year trade of repairing sewing machines. I love the ideas of trades vs. careers/jobs. Anyway, we ended up having a long conversation about the difference in his generation and today…where I guessed that less than 10% of people my age and younger have ever entered a TV repair shop, shoe repair shop, or had their sewing machines repaired. Nowadays, we just toss it and buy the new one…after all, that’s what the good little consumer is supposed to do, right? But we had a great talk, and agreed on how sad it is that trades like his are becoming more and more rare because of our disposable society. Then my first patient today was from Chicago, so we talked about Oprah, and she is interested in going dumpster diving with us! (Hi patient! I can’t say your name due to HIPAA rules. heheh) Plus Amanda and I got to go hang out with friends from our small group (well, not our small group, but a small group from another church) last night and tonight. We played Rock Band last night (can we say addicting? it’s good we don’t have one, cause I’d play it all the time), and Clue / Apples to Apples tonight. Great, entertaining, and relaxing couple of days since we’ve been back…and some successful dumpster diving. It’s just cool that we’ve been meeting and hanging out with all kinds of new people!

But the three people I wanted to write about most were Madeline, Courtney and Lisa.

Madeline is a freegan in New York, and she’ll be on the show Wednesday as well. She was soooo nice. We really enjoyed talking to each other about our lifestyles. She comes at things from a different angle, but is wonderfully living out her convictions. Check out the site she helps run at Freegan.info. We really want to go visit her in New York, as she said (after, I admit, I kind of asked) that we could stay with her. She really impressed us with her decision to take the train from the airport to the hotel and back…declining the free limo service to reduce fuel consumption. It’s great to see people practically applying their words. Thanks for the great encouragement, Madeline, you’re a kindred spirit.

The second was Courtney, a 2-time breast cancer survivor who we met on the plane back to Nashville. From Oregon, she has dedicated much of her life to breast cancer awareness because of her history with the cancer. She was spirited, positive and fun, and actually runs a company that makes really cool lapel pins, PinkWings. She saw our gift bag that had Harpo written on it, and after inquiries led to our purpose in Chicago we chatted the whole way to Nashville. Courtney really wants to get on Oprah to help spread awareness, and I hope she gets the chance! Thank you, Courtney, for giving back in the way that you do. (Hope your conference was splendid!)

Last, but not least, is Lisa Ling. I’ll admit I didn’t know who she was until Amanda told me. heehee. Even though she’s a famous reporter, she remained approachable and extremely pleasant. She made Amanda and me feel very comfortable. I just admire her greatly for her reporting on subjects like sex trafficking, war, poverty, and all sorts of other current day injustices. Her website is LisaLing.com if you want to check it out. We need more reporters like this who are willing to risk it all to bring light to areas where darkness prevails. Thanks for all you do, Lisa.

That’s it for now. Anyone else met any cool people (famous or not!) lately???

February 4, 2008

Just Cause IV and other randomness

This blog, for all you medical personnel, is not about a new intravenous (IV) injection project to take medicine to the needy third world, therefore being termed Just Cause IV.

Now that I have that out of the way, today was a good day. Amanda and I slept a little late, then went to the Chinese church with my mom and dad and their foreign exchange students. After a great lunch, we came back to our apartment and talked and played games for a while. Then we drove / rode bikes to the marina just down the street to view the mighty Cumberland River in all its non glory. It was a great little escapade, though, and sparked some interesting conversation (as well as the title of this blog).

After the fam left, Amanda and I (mostly she this time) cooked some spaghetti, for which we used actual purchased food for everything except the rolls and green peppers! Then we relaxed and learned about deserts from an episode on Planet Earth. A wonderful day of family, good food, fresh air, and no Stupidbowl obsessions in this house!!!

(It’s ok if you want to or did watch the Superbowl, or even if you want to just watch the famous commercials therein. Just please think about both. 2.7 million dollars for every 30 seconds of advertising…do the math. Probably the single most expensive recreational extravaganza today, the Superbowl is an open boil in the history we’re writing when you consider the unspeakable poverty in our world. And just because we laugh and discuss the commercials doesn’t mean they don’t affect us. There’s genius beyond belief in advertising today that knows our subconscious is never turned off, and that we can always be convinced we need _____. Be careful out there, folks!)

So, without further rabbit chasing, back to the title, Just Cause IV!! We all trekked down to the marina and randomly met a neighbor of ours…lives just down the road from the apartments about 5 houses. I met him the other day just driving by. After reading a part in Foster’s book that spoke of getting to know and rely on your neighbors, sharing and receiving, I decided to actually give it a try. Stopped on the way home and introduced myself to this guy and his pal and ended up talking for 20 minutes or so. They told us they owned a boat at the marina, but it had been filed away until we saw them today down at the boat dock. We said hello, and they proceeded to give us the private code to the Rock Harbor Marina gate so that we could go look at all the boats. See, I took the initiative to meet a neighbor, and he’s already said he’d love to take Amanda and me for a ride…forget the community of borrowing the lawn mower and work gloves, let’s take advantage of our neighbors’ ships! :)

We actually got to go inside their boat, a tiny ship compared to many, but still with two bedrooms and a bath downstairs! Just down the way was another boat someone had actually called “Impulsive.” Thanks for your honesty. Next to it was another that we determined later was worth about 500,000 dollars. Can you guess the name? That’s right…Just Cause IV. Someone spent half a million on a boat just because (and it seems as though this was the fourth version!). Again, we appreciate your honesty, but we’re saddened that you couldn’t think of anything better to do with your wealth than buy a big boat. With half a million, how many young girls could be rescued from sex trafficking, or at least cared for while their mothers were servicing their clients? How many AIDS orphans could be comforted? Ironically, how many “just cause” IVs could be sent to hospitals of suffering in nations of war with half a mill? There, three quick ideas of what to do with $500,000, each of them a true just cause.

There’s too much injustice that needs to be made right in our world for us to buy an impressive boat just cause we can.

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