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June 3, 2010

More babies!

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Many many babies. Daniel has about 30 new Platy fish babies at work that are isolated in a little plastic tray, we have 33 eggs incubating that should start hatching on Sundayish, and Mr. Chris (our only hen with a male name) is now a mother to 9 baby chicks! There were ten, but I had to send one of them home to baby chick heaven because it was born pretty deformed and wasn’t going to make it anyway. Then there were 3 eggs from Luna, who never let Nubbles or Goldie make it past 3rd base so none of her eggs were fertilized (not in the incubator either). Only one egg should have been fertilized and didn’t hatch…not bad, not bad.

Here’s a link of Mr. Chris and some of her 9 babies.


Mr. Chris has an amazing mother hen instinct. So neat to watch her with the chicks, especially since just weeks ago she’s just a regular ol’ hen who’s never once hatched any eggs (in fact this was her first year to lay!) and hasn’t even been around any chickens who have. She almost bit my hand off!

In other news, we found an amazing architect (if I haven’t said that already) and we are just starting to go to codes with our final plans…which…are…awesome. He came up with a great new idea for our “compound,” so we’ll have to share that soon.

Gardens are growing, everyone’s busy from everything to work to traveling to flood relief to kids to chickens!




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