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April 20, 2010

More pics of the apartment building

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Our friend took some amazing pics a couple of days we’ve been working on the apartments. Here are some examples of the nastiness we found along with some more telling pictures of the building and property. Enjoy!


April 6, 2010

Today in Review

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Planted strawberries. We were given about a hundred plants so we’ve been putting them everywhere. Also transplanted a few more lettuce and kale plants to community bed. Watered all plants to prepare for the hot day. Jason and I prepared the dumpster for replacing at the apartments (it was too full so we’d have been charged extra). Went to lunch at the Frist cafe with Amanda. Went to get chicken feed and gas for weedeater. Weedeated. Hauled off all the carpet we’ve taken out of apartments so far to recycling center. Mowed and weedeated the rest of the yard. Let chickens out and watched them enjoy the freshly cut grass and run through Josh’s barley. Took cold shower, felt great, now waiting for Amanda to get home from work and the Y. Exhausted, and a little farmer’s tan, but a good day!

Off to water again, eat dinner, babysit for a few hours, and hopefully get to bed early!

April 3, 2010

Our New Apartment Building!

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