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December 20, 2009


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It’s hatching time! The eggs we mentioned in the last post are cooked! We had one chick hatch, but it had some sort of birth defect and didn’t last very long. :(  Sad. Another started hatching last night, but hadn’t made any progress at all when we woke this morning, so Daniel had to play doctor a little. It hatched the rest of the way and is now trying to get on its feet. Usually, when they’re too weak to hatch by themselves, they don’t survive…but we’re hoping this one’s a miracle child. Then there’s one more that’s currently hatching, looks like she/he started this morning.

There’s so much that has to be just right to hatch eggs in a man-made incubator. We’re about to run get a hygrometer so we can monitor the humidity, because it’s probably the single most important factor at the end of the incubation. It’s so amazing watching chicks hatch…never gets old, and it’s also significant that the best incubator of all times is a mother hen. We just can’t do better than God, and God’s creation of life even in a chicken egg is just indescribable.

Pray for our babies!  :)


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  1. awesomeness!

    Comment by ariah — December 21, 2009 @ 9:40 pm | Reply

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