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September 17, 2009

Free the chickens!

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We have begun a new hobby, as we are inclined to do every year or so.  :)  Chickens!  We have nine chickens in our backyard, five of which are giving us eggs!  Lady McBeth, Mr. Chris, Luna, Jailbird, Carl, Daisy, Kayley, Nugget and Yuengling.  All will be laying before long…they’re just a little young yet.


Nashville is currently debating the future of chickens in city limits.  Unfortunately, some feel that chickens belong only in the country.  We feel quite passionately (enough to battle our nerves to speak up at public hearings) that citizens should be allowed to keep a few chickens in their backyard, as long as they do it responsibly.  Just as dogs can be a nuisance, so can chickens.  Any animal or animal pen can be smelly and cause a mess if not kept up, and chickens need be no more a mess than other permitted city animals.  Most urban dwellers keep chickens in a chicken tractor or some sort of mobile coop.  That way, they don’t stay in one place for long enough to stink it up.  Here’s a great example of one…along with my favorite chicken site…



We believe one of the best steps in working toward food security is to encourage people to participate in local food production in every way possible.  That may be growing a small garden, composting, buying locally at farmers’ markets and at stores which support local and organic food…and raising egg machines!  Rarely do many people consider where their food comes from, and even more rarely does one learn about the corporate food system and decide to do something about it.  So we encourage those who want to put their values into practice by not supporting the egologically devastating chicken factories, but instead choose to have a few free range chickens for eggs.

Here’s another pic of our smallest chicken, Nugget.  Yep, you heard right.


We’ll eventually post pictures of all of them.  Just wanted to get a blog on here, since it’s been a thousand years.

In other news, we’re still living in community in south Nashville, gardening and chickening our little tails away!  Fall crop has just been planted, so we’re waiting on all of it to sprout…winter giant spinach, mustard greens, celery, broccoli and cabbage.  Sweet potatoes are doing very well, ready to harvest at anytime, but the stackable potato tire experiment didn’t produce many potatoes.

We have found that we need a little more space than we currently have in our house, as we (the Burts) only have one room to ourselves.  A little bit of a shock in coming from a whole apartment to ourselves.  So we’re looking together as a community to build or buy a little more room.  Chestnut Hill has been good to us, we’ve met some wonderful neighbors and have had some wonderful times.  Peace!


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