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April 14, 2009

We’re moving!

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Having not found any houses, warehouses, old apartment buildings or other potential places for our community to begin, looks like building is more and more likely. In the meantime, though, we really wanted to get into the neighborhood, so we started looking for rental houses or apartments in the area. And now, a week later, we’re packing boxes. :)

Amanda and I, Josh and Amber move in to our rental house this Saturday, then the Adkins will follow to a rental house a block and a half away on May 15th. 11 all total, 5 being kids (not including me), will be the beginnings of our experiments in intentional Christian community.

After we move this weekend, we’ll immediately switch gears to gardening. In between our 2 houses, there’s a spot of land owned by the school there that will be our community garden space. Jason, through the neighborhood association, has already gotten 20 people from the neighborhood to sign up for a space in it. Then, as a community, we’ll have at least 1 more plot. We’ve actually already put in a small 4X8 garden in the backyard of our new rental house.

So, as we like to say quite dorky-like over and over, “we’re really doin’ it!”

We’ll update you at some point with stories and pictures and thoughts about living together in an intentional community. Until then (which, as you know, may be a while…hee!), peace be with you!


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