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March 16, 2009

Settlers of Catan: Burt Edition

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After playing Settlers of Catan with our dear friend Chris at Jubilee Partners, we decided we must get one. It’s a really great board game, sort of a blending of Risk and Monopoly, except more ethical….namely, it’s the (mostly) non violent version of Risk combined with the non materialistic version of Monopoly. We’re not fans of games that reinforce the idea that the richest person wins. Then again, one could argue that this game teaches it’s ok to plunder the earth’s resources to build more settlements and cities. Anyway, we’re cheap, and couldn’t agree to spend fifty bucks for it online.

So that led to us researching online how many pieces to make, one weekend printing out lots of resource and development cards, one weekend of cutting out and painting the wood pieces, and we ended up with the Burt edition of Settlers. We’re pleased with how it turned out, so we finally took some pictures and thought we’d put them here…mainly for Chris, the most intense Settler ever. :) Here’s to Chris…

(Note: The picture is the setup for the two person version, but we have the full board and the expansion set as well.)


March 4, 2009

March Update

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Alas, our blog has turned into an update page. But that’s better than a blank page, I suppose.

We weren’t able to purchase the house on 1st Ave. There were several other things that happened in that process, but getting the house didn’t happen. So we began again looking for a home large enough to house our community in the Chestnut Hill area. It’s a very small neighborhood, and there’s not a lot of real estate activity there. So it’s been rather difficult. In fact, we’ve agreed to look into buying a lot and building. I wouldn’t call it a last resort, because building certainly has some wonderful advantages…when building for community, as opposed to buying a house and renovating it to make it work for community, more people can be fit more practically and comfortably into the same amount of space, we can also attempt to build as sustainably as possible, etc. New construction loans are difficult to get right now, but not impossible. So that’s one barrier we will have. Continue to pray with us that we will be able to move into this neighborhood soon…we’re all very eager to begin partnering with the people of the existing community to love, create, work and dream in this abandoned area.

We leave for Haiti Friday for a week of medical work there. There’s a large team of medical doctors and personnel who go every February or March. We usually see about 600 people in four days in the eye clinic alone, so by the end of that we’re spent…not to mention out of most glasses. Hopefully we can make life a little easier for some of the people there in Gonaives, and learn our yearly lesson in Haiti…namely, that wealth, entertainment and the accumulation of stuff are not prerequisites for immense joy and a beautiful life.

Amanda continues to shine as a project manager at the Army Corps of Engineers. Although overloaded a bit at times (most times, actually), she is enjoying her responsibility there and doing a great job. She goes to San Diego, CA again this July for a week of training, and found Daniel a cheap ticket…so now, for the first time since their honeymoon, they will have a mini vacation. Woot.
Daniel has noticed an increase in business, so has hired a full time assistant. They are staying pretty busy most of the time, but Daniel longs for the day when he can start getting some Saturdays off. Amanda has given him the green light, even if it means a huge cut in salary, to try and hire someone to work one or two Saturdays a month so that he can spend more time with his gorgeous wife.

Fun and games
We visited Chris Haynes (former community member, Jubilee intern, awesome person) at Jubilee Partners in Comer, GA. It was fantastic. We learned so much and just had a wonderful time there. In addition, we played for the first time Settlers of Catan, and immediately fell in love with it. So when we returned, we made our own edition of it because we were too cheap to pay $50 for it. Turns out, we had a ton of fun making it (out of wood, and hand painted) and it turned out really great. We’ll take a picture next time we play.

Our dear friends Ariah and Mindy are adopting a boy!
Josh and Daniel pulled off the most complex scavenger hunt to date, where there were 3 teams of interacting players, photo surveillance (spying), briefcases and locks and combinations and codes and real looking gold bricks
Amy Pratt is back in town!
Daniel had a chance meeting with the manager of a local grocery store, took a risk and talked to him about dumpster diving, and was met with kindness and shared concern about how much has to be wasted. He also told us the best times to go to his dumpster. Which Josh, mostly, already knew…imagine that. But it was a good, unexpected, conversation.
The truckĀ  is finally working again (picture below)…so far I’ve had to replace (sometimes with Justin’s help) the master cylinder, glow plugs, vacuum pump, heater core, and fix the tailgate. That sounds horrible, but all of those parts only cost about $150. Several of the community members are extremely excited about making biodiesel for it, since it’s a diesel engine.

1984 Ford F250, 3/4 ton, 4WD with 6.9 diesel engine

1984 Ford F250, 3/4 ton, 4WD with 6.9 diesel engine

That’s it for now!

Peace be with you,

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