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May 19, 2008

Scott vs. Catfish

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Our dear friend Scott Williams is in town for a couple of weeks to visit. Daniel lived with Scott for about 3 years while in optometry school in Memphis. Yesterday, we went fishing at Josh’s uncle’s pond…caught several bass, a snapping turtle (by accident…or was it, Josh?), and almost a gigantic catfish. You’ve got to see this video!!!

For all of you who know Scott, feel free to leave messages to him in the comments and I’ll make sure to relay them.

PS. Sorry about the long sabbatical away from blogging. Obviously we haven’t blogged much lately, and I won’t promise that’ll change real soon. But, we’re about to get the condo rented out, so normal life (what is that, anyway?) shall resume again. Maybe.


Daniel and Amanda


NY Times article on food waste

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Thanks, Jennifer, I hadn’t seen this article yet.

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