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April 7, 2008

Declaration of Delirium – The Stinkin’ World of Younger Brothers

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We had a great reunion with friends this weekend at Washington State Park, Missouri. It was so wonderful to see you all. On our way back, the TN bound car discussed farms and chickens and cows for probably an hour. (oops, I think we were supposed to be discussing positive things we’ve gleaned from our churches in the last year) I thought, because of that discussion, this next humor column might be appropriate.

For those who don’t know, I grew up on a sort of farm. I call it a sort of farm because it wasn’t a real farm, one used to make the family’s living. It was a privilege farm…one a family with a pharmacist father and homemaker mom can enjoy because they like horses and want a country setting. Don’t get me wrong, I loved our sort of farm and was very fortunate to grow up on one…it was hard work, and I learned many valuable things because of it. Plus it was fun! We had bantam chickens, several horses, almost 40 cows at one point, turkeys, ducks, barn cats, dogs, fish ponds, 54 acres of pasture and partially wooded land, and a big barn where we had the tack room, chicken coop, loft with hay bales galore, and stalls where we’d occasionally keep our larger pets. That’s right, pets. We named all of our thirty something cows…Biscuit, Wishbone, Domino, Ringer, Socks, Guts (she was named after childbirth when her uterus prolapsed) Samson, Betsy, Lucille, etc. Heck, I even rode one…maybe I’ll scan in that picture someday. And maybe I’ll talk more about my awesome farm experience as a kid, one I’m so glad I had the privilege to enjoy.

But for now, back to the humor column. Enjoy. :)


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