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February 4, 2008

Just Cause IV and other randomness

This blog, for all you medical personnel, is not about a new intravenous (IV) injection project to take medicine to the needy third world, therefore being termed Just Cause IV.

Now that I have that out of the way, today was a good day. Amanda and I slept a little late, then went to the Chinese church with my mom and dad and their foreign exchange students. After a great lunch, we came back to our apartment and talked and played games for a while. Then we drove / rode bikes to the marina just down the street to view the mighty Cumberland River in all its non glory. It was a great little escapade, though, and sparked some interesting conversation (as well as the title of this blog).

After the fam left, Amanda and I (mostly she this time) cooked some spaghetti, for which we used actual purchased food for everything except the rolls and green peppers! Then we relaxed and learned about deserts from an episode on Planet Earth. A wonderful day of family, good food, fresh air, and no Stupidbowl obsessions in this house!!!

(It’s ok if you want to or did watch the Superbowl, or even if you want to just watch the famous commercials therein. Just please think about both. 2.7 million dollars for every 30 seconds of advertising…do the math. Probably the single most expensive recreational extravaganza today, the Superbowl is an open boil in the history we’re writing when you consider the unspeakable poverty in our world. And just because we laugh and discuss the commercials doesn’t mean they don’t affect us. There’s genius beyond belief in advertising today that knows our subconscious is never turned off, and that we can always be convinced we need _____. Be careful out there, folks!)

So, without further rabbit chasing, back to the title, Just Cause IV!! We all trekked down to the marina and randomly met a neighbor of ours…lives just down the road from the apartments about 5 houses. I met him the other day just driving by. After reading a part in Foster’s book that spoke of getting to know and rely on your neighbors, sharing and receiving, I decided to actually give it a try. Stopped on the way home and introduced myself to this guy and his pal and ended up talking for 20 minutes or so. They told us they owned a boat at the marina, but it had been filed away until we saw them today down at the boat dock. We said hello, and they proceeded to give us the private code to the Rock Harbor Marina gate so that we could go look at all the boats. See, I took the initiative to meet a neighbor, and he’s already said he’d love to take Amanda and me for a ride…forget the community of borrowing the lawn mower and work gloves, let’s take advantage of our neighbors’ ships! :)

We actually got to go inside their boat, a tiny ship compared to many, but still with two bedrooms and a bath downstairs! Just down the way was another boat someone had actually called “Impulsive.” Thanks for your honesty. Next to it was another that we determined later was worth about 500,000 dollars. Can you guess the name? That’s right…Just Cause IV. Someone spent half a million on a boat just because (and it seems as though this was the fourth version!). Again, we appreciate your honesty, but we’re saddened that you couldn’t think of anything better to do with your wealth than buy a big boat. With half a million, how many young girls could be rescued from sex trafficking, or at least cared for while their mothers were servicing their clients? How many AIDS orphans could be comforted? Ironically, how many “just cause” IVs could be sent to hospitals of suffering in nations of war with half a mill? There, three quick ideas of what to do with $500,000, each of them a true just cause.

There’s too much injustice that needs to be made right in our world for us to buy an impressive boat just cause we can.


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  1. thanks for sharing

    Comment by Ariah Fine — February 4, 2008 @ 8:30 pm | Reply

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