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January 22, 2008

Why we try to live simply, Part 1

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“Simplicity is the most outward of all the Disciplines, and hence the most susceptible to corruption. How could I be specific without being rigid? How could I call people from greed without introducing a new pharisaism?” – Richard Foster, in the preface to Freedom of Simplicity, on why it was a difficult decision for him to write an entire book on such a “complex” topic.

I, too, hesitated to write anything on the subjects of riches, possessions, and simplicity. Like Foster, I don’t feel qualified. Sort of like I don’t feel qualified to be speaking to the world on ways to counteract America’s overconsumption and waste. :) But, as I’ve state before, it’s good for me to write about things because it forces me to read and study and think about the issue at hand, and hopefully come to better understanding of whatever my role is in that issue.

So here we are. But, if you really want to learn about simplicity, this isn’t the best place…I can guarantee that. Go read Freedom of Simplicity, which is good so far (though I’m only on the second chapter!). Or read about the lives of the early saints (or current ones) who really lived their lives simply. This, however, is written by someone who found himself at one point of his life too attached to stuff, and who now desires by gradual change to experience that “freedom of simplicity.”

Also, though I’m not sure yet, I think it might be quite similar to the last series on “why we share our wealth.” Because living simply implies, I think, a certain contentment with what we need as well as a desire to share God’s blessings with others. I cannot live simply and continue to spend my money on whatever it is that I want for me. I cannot live simply and continue to fill my life with things that promise to be “all you need to be happy.” If I choose to be content, and to trust in God, I will become more and more a person of simplicity.

I guess that was just an intro. Come back for more later….back to work for now.


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