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December 8, 2007


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It’s been a long time with no updates on our life, so I figure I’ll ketch you up. (and yes, I’m aware of the mistake)

I like lists, so I’ll start that way and see where it goes.

  • Amanda went to Chicago for work, and I followed her for the free hotel room / mini vacation. It was great fun, we went to some museums, ate Chicago style pizza, went to German market and Greektown, Hancock observatory, and most of it paid for by her work per diem allowance.
  • We are getting a dog. Yay! (Amanda typed this one in here secretly while I was seeing a patient, but I’ll leave it because it made me laugh. We still haven’t decided at the Burt household whether we’re getting a dog yet or not, so my wife constantly says in pitiful pouty puppy face “I want a dawg.”…we both want one, so we’ll see.)
  • Less than a month left of working at SEE! Starting January, I’ll be working no more than 5 days a week, unless I decide to volunteer to give eye exams to the homeless on my other day off. So I’m very excited about the possibilities….and about the not working 6 days a week part.
  • We’ve been attending a United Methodist Church for the past few weeks, and have learned a lot about a lot of stuff. Some of that is our own attitudes. We’ll get into that later. But it’s been nice to visit a smaller congregation where people actually noticed that we were there.
  • We’ve also been going to a small group hosted by Jody and her roomate Jessica. Been having a good time hanging out with other folks, and continuing discussion on how to follow Christ’s footsteps. Next week, that group will take us to the nursing home of Bordeaux to pass out handmade Christmas cards and try to make music. :)
  • School loans REALLY close to being paid off. A few weeks left……exciting!!!

That’s about all I can think of for now. Sorry for the long hiatus. We’ll try to be back more regularly now. Love and peace to all our blog followers.




  1. Yay!

    Comment by Dawn — December 13, 2007 @ 5:12 pm | Reply

  2. We just got our dog – Brisbane. Chel’s been trying to talk me into it for 3 years and I’ve been fighting it. He’s an Australian Shepherd that I got her for Christmas! I don’t regret it a bit!


    Comment by Matthew Dahniel — December 29, 2007 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

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