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November 6, 2007


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I’ve been reading some on this blog recently. The last couple of posts are about being socially responsible while buying gifts…a topic we should all be considering since Christmas time is right around the corner. Check out this quote from her last post.

“…it’s still hard to find a gift that will please. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you’re off. Sometimes you’re trying to please the parent, not the child, anyway. That’s why I am gradually shifting to contributions instead of gifts. Most American children have way too much stuff to need more. Check out kiva.org where you can “give” gift cards which allow the recipient to make a microloan to a thirdworld breadwinner. Now that is a cool gift.”

I know kiva is nothing new, but this is just a reminder that you can make a difference in the world this holiday season. Whether it’s kiva, world vision, heifer intl, or your favorite other charity, take some time to consider these words this Christmas:



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  1. thanks for including my thoughts on presents.
    Heifer is a great choice, too. I used to worry that my nephews and nieces would think I was a dork for giving them Adopt an Animals and all that. Looking back, I think if they thought about it at all, they would appreciate my making a point. It was my siblings whose opinions I was worrying about!

    Comment by betsy teutsch — November 30, 2007 @ 11:19 pm | Reply

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