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November 2, 2007

October Budget Results

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Exciting, right??? I’m using a shocking, thrilling, captivating title so that more people will come read our blog. Hey, it worked, didn’t it? You’re here!

So we definitely learned some things in October. We’re not sure we like the envelope system for permanent use, but we decided to use it for 2 more months and then revisit it. The alternative would be to just share a google document (which we both updated whenever a purchase is made) and just be very deliberate about not going over the budgeted amount for whatever category. The problem with envelopes is that they’re not with you all the time…so for the occasional thing you have to get that wasn’t planned, it requires paying with a debit card and then fixing it when you get home. Which can be difficult on the budget balancing.

Anyway, here are the results:
Gas – 162 (we went over by 2 dollars, this will be much easier in nov cause I’m riding my bike more and more)
Groceries – 115 (under by 85 bucks!! if this continues, we’ll need to lower this amount…especially because after hours grocery shopping will be getting easier and safer as it turns colder)
Entertainment – 92 (2 bucks over our entertainment/eating out fund. oops)
Personal/Clothing – 62 (under by a good bit, 38 dollars. amanda needs a warmer coat for the winter time though, so next month might be a little closer)
Car/Bike Expenses – eek. so October we were under by about ten bucks from our budgeted 75. Unfortunately, the guy I bartered a contact exam with found something else that really needed to be done, so we’re spending 200 total on that. still a great deal, cause he’s fixing the brakes, rotors, and a boot on the axel (I didn’t know axels wore boots) for a very reasonable amount, but still…that puts us way over our budgeted amount for november. We do want to try and keep that car for as long as possible, though, so hopefully it was a good decision. [Revision: I just picked up the car and he ended up not having to fix the axel, once he cleaned it off it wasn’t as bad as he thought. So nevermind that $200 for right now. Yay!]
Miscellaneous/Gifts – 183, under by 17 bucks. 40 of this was for a year subscription to Sojourners, and my new cell phone (87, blush) came out of this too.

So there’s the first month. For the second, we increased my fun money a tiny bit to more closely match Amanda’s, cause last month was pretty rough on that one. :) We’re leaving everything else the same, and just paying off more loan whenever we get around a thousand spare money built up in either of our accounts. We’re ahead of schedule on the loan…BUT, now it gets real. I think we had a little extra in our accounts (even in my business accounts) when we started last month, but now it’s even, and things are going to start being much more realistic. So here goes November!

And on an aside, we hope it’s ok to share with you. Ariah has dialogged about this before, whether it’s right to give actual numbers. Whereas we don’t post how much we make or give, I do think it’s ok. I believe that being a Christ follower requires us to be good stewards and to live responsibly…partly in not storing up treasures on earth, and always being generous to the poor with our excess. So why can’t we discuss the details of our budget? Why can’t our pastor tell us we’re spending too much on entertainment while there are brothers and sisters who are lacking? I just don’t understand how we can compartmentalize our spending habits and say they don’t relate to our walk with Jesus…comments?



  1. amen friend

    Comment by ariahfine — November 7, 2007 @ 2:44 am | Reply

  2. Wow…Rock!!!

    Comment by compassioninpolitics — November 11, 2007 @ 10:45 am | Reply

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