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October 2, 2007

Know when to fold ’em

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Well, I didn’t…but I got third place in a charity poker tournament! Woot. Here’s how it ended…It was long past time to go (I was at the final table doing pretty dang well with chip count, and had been playing for four hours!) at 8:00 so I called an “all-in” with an 8, 9 split suit. hee hee! For you non poker players out there, that’s not even considered a good starting hand, and certainly not worthy of calling with almost all your chips. :) And of course the guy wasn’t bluffing, had pocket kings, and won the hand. I lasted about 2 more hands. heheh So I could’ve stayed longer and maybe placed higher if I hadn’t gotten anxious to go, but oh well. I was still proud.

It was a charity tournament, which meant half the money went to a Fido’s employee with 45,000 dollars of medical bills from cancer surgery, and the other half to the charity of the winner’s choice. So it was a stress free game, and a fun way to donate a hundred bucks to charity. Makes me want to reconsider someone’s (Ariah, I think?) idea about doing a weekly poker game where the winner gets to decide what charity to give the money to. All the fun of poker without the negatives of gambling for money (and the greed/rage/frustration that goes with it). Whatcha think Josh?

Oh, and I won a $100 gift card to Baja Burrito by knocking out this one guy who had a bounty on his head. There were 3 guys who evidently agreed to carry this said ‘bounty,’ so that when someone knocks them out of the tourney (meaning they go all in and you win the hand and they’re out) you get a gift card. This card was the only one I wanted…Amanda and I LOVE that restaurant. So that plus a $25 gift card to Fido’s = $125 for donating $100 to charity! What a deal! :)



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  1. :) Fun times. No that was not my idea though.

    Comment by ariahfine — October 2, 2007 @ 3:57 am | Reply

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