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October 25, 2007

Our new (well, not really) computer desk

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So we found a couple bedside/end table things at a dumpster a few weeks ago. They sat on Josh and Justin’s porch for a while, and we picked them up this last week. We built a computer desk using them as the two ends. Here are the during and after shots (we forgot to take one before we started, but you’ll get the idea).

During…Daniel had already cut the 1X8s and screwed them onto the 2 end tables. And, as you can see, it was mostly painted with the first coat.


After…(Amanda’s idea) we placed pictures we took on our honeymoon on the top and the glass sits on top of those. We can of course change the pictures whenever, and maybe include bible verses, old notes we wrote to each other, or whatever!

amandaatdesk.jpg topview.jpgdanielatdesk.jpg

Overall cost: $10 for the wood to lay inbetween the two tables

The glass piece we already had, one of the pieces we got for free and used to make the TV stand and coffee table at the condo. Paint = free, we used a color we already had. Blood, sweat and tears (and paint in the hair) = priceless. :)

Yay for another cubic meter of matter that won’t take up space in a trash heap, yay for finding another way to “buy” a piece of furniture and stay in our budget while doing it, and yay for another project that was fun and bonding for this newlywed couple. Three cheers for redemption, once again! (Woot woot woot!!)

Amanda and Daniel


October 20, 2007

Biking to work again

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So the weather’s beautiful, I’m not working at two places on Saturdays anymore, I finally invested in an air pump for my bike tires, and I’m out of shape. Four great reasons to start biking to work. Today was my first day…meant to start last week, but it was raining, and I didn’t want my first day biking to be a rainy day. Anyway, it took exactly 8 minutes and I only sweat a tiny bit. Not bad, not bad. I think I can get it down to about 6 minutes after I’ve been doing it for a while.

I feel bad for you, Amanda. I can bike to work in the same amount of time than it takes you to get to the interstate. :(

Now it’s time for my comrades in life to support my habit of biking to work. This is the point just past the “let me know if there’s anything I can do,” because I’m letting you know. :) Encourage, keep me accountable. I’d really appreciate that. Ok, that’s all for now. Peace, Daniel

October 17, 2007

Blog Action Day #2

I don’t know why I should do the talking, Amanda…your pictures are a thousand words. Thanks for the post. I will say that I’m realizing more and more the impact of our lives on the environment. Good friends have helped me see how huge it is that we respect the Earth and do our parts to take care of it.

Here’s the practicality side of it…at work, that means I recycle, reuse trash bags if they’re just filled with a bunch of paper, and (though it was not the reason I purchased it) use a “paperless” file system.

At home, we recycle everything we can, including “recycled” food thrown away by corporations (meaning grocery store dumpster food), I’m going to be biking to work more, we turn the lights off, and we follow the “yellow? let it mellow!” rule. :) We could do so much more still…like only have the water on during the rinsing parts of our showers (is my former roomate still doing this, btw? i’ve let that habit pass), save excess sink water in kitchen and bath, grow and eat vegetables in our tiny patio space, use the a/c even less, etc. So we’re definitely not where we need to be in this area, but we are at least living more responsibly than 2 years ago. Keep challenging us here, friends.

So why is this is important? (a question I sincerely asked dear friends of mine ~2 years ago, specifically how being environmentally conscious could possibly relate to our walk with Christ. thank you, ariah, mindy, and chris, for treating me with love but also for challenging me with your ideas. i remember that conversation well.)

See below pictures. Then go look up some pictures of landfills, specifically in countries like the Dominican Republic and Haiti where there are no rules and no money to have organized trash collection/disposal. That’s what we are doing to our Earth. We, each of us who participates in consumerism, are deteriorating such a beautiful world by every piece of trash we toss, by every gallon of water we waste, and by every kilowatt of energy we burn. And once again, “those who always pay are the poorest of the poor.” (Derek Webb)

Lastly, I’ll quote from “The Motorcycle Diaries.” (great thought provoking movie, if you haven’t seen it) Che Guevara and Alberto Granado stood at an Incan civilization in Argentina and marveled at the beauty of the structures built high in the mountains. Simple but practical homes and communal spaces, beautiful in their architecture and strong enough to still stand hundreds of years later. Now abandoned. Fog was lifting from the green hills. And Che remarks in his diary:

“The Incas had a high knowledge of astronomy, medicine, math, among others. But the Spanish invaders had powder. How would America be today if things had been different? How is it possible that i feel nostalgia for a world i never knew? How do you explain that a civilization capable of building this is wiped out to build……this?”

And the camera pans to view the huge city down in the valley below. Filled with smog, filth, and an enormous span of buildings and automobiles. A stark contrast to the beauty of that ancient world…ugly.

How I wish, sometimes, to be a part of a civilization, or at least a community, that grows its own food and doesn’t feel the need to buy everything the industrial/corporate world decides would “improve” our lifestyle. Until then, I’ll try to live responsibly so as to leave only small footprints on our Earth. I’ll try to remember the beauty and wonder of the civilizations before us who “somehow managed” to get by without electricity, drywall, steel, and gasoline. And even though “Blog Action Day” is over, I encourage you to consider the same.

October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day

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So, Cool People Care reported on some movement to have a lot of bloggers post about environmental concerns today. I’ll let Daniel do the talking, but I’ll just say… if for no other reason (religious, ethical, whatever), the following are some good re asons to respect the Earth and do your part to help protect the environment.

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October 15, 2007

Finally, my birthday thing picture

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Thanks again, Amanda. I love your creativity, frugality, and just plain silliness. <insert big smooch here>


Halfway through

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It’s October 14th, almost halfway through the first month of our new budget. Since Ariah’s talking about numbers, here is part of our budgeted items. It’s the first time we’ve set a budget together, so we realize some things are too high and others too low. We welcome any comments or insight! Here are the basics:

Groceries $200
Rent $625
Entertainment $90
Personal Items (shampoo, clothes, etc) $100
Fun Money $80 total between the 2 of us
Gifts/Miscellaneous $200
The rest are things like car expenses and gas (which are about to be cut down since I’m starting to ride my bike more often), school loan and mortgage, vacation ($100 a month to save up for our next vacation), giving (we don’t know how we’re going to give yet, so we’re starting an online ING account called our “Acts 2 and 4 account” until we figure it out), cell phones, and car insurance.

Here’s a rundown on how we’re doing in the middle of the month.
*Entertainment: We played two rounds of mini golf today (had a 2 for 1 coupon), so that totaled $10 including a Snapple halfway through. Leaves us with $50 in our entertainment envelope.
*Groceries: Still doing really well on the groceries one, partially due to our “free” after hours grocery shopping (did we mention we took Daniel’s MOM dumpstering the other night up in bowling green, KY? heheh), and partially due to us already having some food in the freezer and fridge when we started the budget. AND other free meals like at the parents’, using gift cards, and a free meal tonight paid for by Costco!! So we have $174 left in that envelope.
*Fun money: Daniel’s fun money is still gone, and Amanda’s is doing OK.
*Personal: We haven’t used anything from the personal envelope yet.
*Gifts/Miscellaneous: Daniel chose to get a phone that cost money when he got his “New every 2” upgrade, and he failed to consult with Amanda. Oops. We decided that this category and the personal category are going to be things that we must agree on, so we keep some accountability there. So with that and $13 for Daniel’s birthday presents, we’ve used about $100 of the $200 allotted in that category.
*Rent: Although rent is usually constant, this month’s free because of the flooding and eventually having to move out for a week so they can repair. So yay for flooded apartments. :)

So when we talked about what might need changing in future budgets, Amanda feels that we could lower both groceries and gifts/miscellaneous, and Daniel feels like we could lower personal and also gifts/miscellaneous. We’d love to hear your input…where we’re spending too much, or areas we could cut back that we may have not considered. As Ariah mentioned, it’s tough to know how much to divulge…hopefully this isn’t too much. We’ve intentionally left out amounts like income and giving. We’d love to have dialogue about those with a friend, so that we can be challenged in that area, but we don’t feel like the public internet is a place for that.

Ok, stay tuned for more updates! Love and peace,

Amanda and Daniel (this was our first co-written blog)

to our friend, ariah fine :)

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(sorry it’s late)





Now for the blooper reel…don’t worry, there were no major injuries. Guess there was an under assumption of how strong Amanda could chest bump…


hope you enjoyed, ariah. :) we love and miss you guys a ton. peace.

October 13, 2007

My birthday present

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Amanda made me the coolest birthday present. It was…um…a “thing.” Reminded me of a Dr. Seuss doll house, if they were to make that kind of thing. Made with shoebox, toilet tissue and paper towel rolls, and some assorted boxes, all covered with different bright colors of construction paper. Stuffed in several of the holes were birthday presents and tissue paper out the ends. Isn’t that awesome?

I’ll post a picture later. Some of the presents were riddles to the real presents…those being an Aerobie frisbee (i lost the last one in cub lake the day before the wedding…oops) and a dumpstering headlight. Suhweet.

So it was a wonderful birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and Amanda, for my “thing.” :)

October 11, 2007

I’m old. :)

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So yes, Amanda’s right (thanks honey, heheh), I’m 31 today. I’m really glad that I’m married now, though, cause whenever I think about how old I’m getting I keep remembering how incredibly beautiful that wife of mine is, and it makes me feel younger. :)

For my birthday, we’re going out to eat somewhere and then plan on just spending some quality time together. We haven’t had a lot of time this week to be together, and on one night that was definitely my fault. I’m still making up for that one…I was very inconsiderate. So tonight I want us to enjoy a dinner cooked for us and just hang out. I think we might make something for somebody using pictures and words cut out of some old magazines I was about to recycle. I love making creative cards and stuff like that…we actually made a poster like that for Josh and Amy on our first date!

So here’s the latest scoop on the budget…I’m already done with my fun money and it’s only 11 days into the month! Partially my fault, because instead of renting the movie I believed the guy at Blockbuster that I needed to get a “rewards card.” So that was 10 bucks plus the cost of the movie rental (4 bucks). I should have declined it because “my budget won’t allow it,” but I didn’t. So now I have no money for lunches or anything for the rest of the month. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out. I’ll be allowed to use grocery money as long as it’s for buying stuff to make sandwiches or other lunch foods, but I can’t eat out by myself anywhere. eek! I’ll keep you posted as to how this is going…

The great news is that we’re still on track for the school loan part. We’re down to $13,500!!! (Ariah and Mindy, any thoughts on how to post some sort of countdown thing like Mindy did for her last few clinical hours?) :) I also had a patient today who was an auto mechanic, so I bartered a contact exam ($70) for a new master cylinder in Amanda’s car (at Firestone, that would’ve cost us over $300!). I’ll probably pay him the difference in cost just to be fair, meaning if the parts were $100 I should pay him $30 more to at least cover the cost of parts. Does that seem fair? I don’t barter a lot…


Happy Birthday Daniel!

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Today, Daniel is 31! Oops, don’t know if I was supposed to say that or not! Oh well.
Happy Birthday to you. In honor of your birthday, there is some leftover corn in our refrigerator that you can eat. Seriously, thanks for being so wonderful & sweet to me. I’ll be more mushy when I give you your birthday card tonight, just don’t want to make everyone to throw up.
And today is also our 2-month wedding anniversary. Yay!
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