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September 29, 2007

Wet floors

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First it was dirty showers, now it’s wet floors. Except this blog’s not nearly as fun as the last one…and instead of being joined by 2 nice homeless guys our guest was about a ton of water from the upstairs water heater. That’s right, our apartment was completely flooded. :) I went home early from SEE yesterday cause I wasn’t busy, and walked in to a shower. Seriously, there was water pouring from the ceiling right in the entry way. I immediately stepped out and called the landlord, but not until I went back did I realize that the ENTIRE apartment was covered in water.


  1. I got to meet my neighbor 2 floors above (Nolan) and he was really nice to help me move all our stuff out that was on the ground.
  2. None of said stuff was really damaged, so we had no monetary loss. Not even photographs and stuff. So yay!
  3. We weren’t electrocuted by the thin sheet of water over the floors being combined with our electricity still being on.
  4. We’re renting. If this had been our home, yesterday would’ve been a lot more stressful. And expensive.
  5. We were able to stay there last night, cause we got most of the water out and everything was still functional.
  6. Because of the hours we spent shopvac’ing and emptying water buckets, and because our kitchen wasn’t necessarily functional at that time, we decided it was ok to eat out. So we enjoyed a nice meal at Outback where we still had some delicious grub. :)
  7. Out of all the stuff that was on the floor in our apartment, one of the ONLY things that didn’t get touched at all was my dumpstered floor rocker. That’s just awesome. heheh


  1. Walking into your home and finding water pouring from the ceiling isn’t necessarily anyone’s idea of a great afternoon off.
  2. We will eventually have to move everything out of the apartment and find another place to live temporarily. Gary gave us the option of staying with his family OR said we could break the lease and find a new place to live. We told him we love it there and will wait, but this will be a trying month.
  3. Another negative that I can’t remember right now…I’m trying to leave a little space for the sake of error, cause it seems the positives are kicking the negatives’ butts.

Ok, so the positives win! Gary, our landlord, said to me when I told him how bad I felt for him, (read this with a British accent to be more accurate) “Don’t worry, Daniel, it’s all material…(and later)…If you can remember that in life, it’ll help you tremendously.”

A+ Gary, A+.


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  1. Daniel and Amanda!
    I’m so sorry to hear about that, it sounds like a mess, but I’m so glad you guys seem to be taking it well. If there is anything you need, dry clothes, a place to stay, a new scrabble board… let me know

    Comment by ariahfine — September 30, 2007 @ 3:04 pm | Reply

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