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September 26, 2007

From the wife..

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Daniel gave the story of Monday evening, so I’ll go a little further. As we were going to sleep that night, we had a little “debriefing”, I guess you would call it… to get each others’ thoughts about the evening. We talked about having these people into our homes, if we were comfortable or not, etc. But, the major thing that came to my mind was humiliation / embarrassment / anger that the world / society / my upbringing has ingrained in me the stereotypes of certain types of people….

While I feel like as a Christian, I am to love these people as Jesus does… or even as I love my friends (which I guess seems more attainable), I felt like I was doing a crappy job of it with the things that were floating around in my head. Sure, we had a nice meal, laughed, listen to music, & let Steve take a shower…. But things kept popping up like “Is my couch going to be dirty?” & “What if they steal something?” Awful, I know.

So, how do I get these things out of my head? Maybe more direct exposure to the groups that are stereotyped? I’ve served food to homeless people before – you know – at soup kitchens, etc… but that always seems so safe. Having two into our cute little apartment was a different story. While, I was nervous at first, I eventually settled & it was fine. But, those little judgments that kept creeping into my head were quite disturbing. And even if some of the stereotypes are true – that shouldn’t keep me from accepting them & inviting them to our home. Is it really that big of a deal if something disappears from our house? Or if my couch gets dirty? Of course I might be upset at first – but that would be out of my own materialism…

OK… so any advice on all of this?

On another note… (well, I guess, it’s another stereotype or assumption) – I thought that (because “homeless = hungry”) they would down a ton of food – that since it was available, they would eat to their heart’s content. They didn’t… Allen quit after one plate, and Steve couldn’t even finish his first one because of tooth problems. I was trying to feed them more or make some dessert, but they wouldn’t have it. Then, they did the dishes for us. And they were the most appreciative guests we’ve had over so far.



  1. Amanda,
    Thanks for honestly sharing. I can’t say enough how amazing and encouraged I am to see you guys truly following Jesus.

    I read Daniel and your post to Mindy tonight and it made me cry.


    Comment by ariahfine — September 27, 2007 @ 3:56 am | Reply

  2. I don’t know how to get past the stereotypes that pop into our heads. It drives me crazy. Maybe it comes with time. And if we ignore our heads long enough maybe our actions will override the mentalities we grew up with. You and Daniel are both great examples to me and encourage me to see what I can be doing here now, and thinking forward to the day I’ll need to face this in the States again.

    Comment by Amy — September 28, 2007 @ 9:06 am | Reply

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