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September 17, 2007


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Amanda and I enjoyed a really nice day together. We got some things done…the usual Sunday grocery shopping, recycling, preparing food, etc…but also had a chance to hang out with some old friends of mine, help get my new (free!) 55 gallon aquarium set up in my Costco office, get some thrift store purchased picture frames painted and ready to assemble, and enjoy worship together. I’m very excited about the aquarium at work, it looks great and was 100% free…including the stand, accessories like filters and stuff, and even the fish! Next step is to finally get around to hanging my Hawaiian pictures of fishes and stuff on the walls, then my office cosmetics will be done. For now.

We didn’t really feel like being part of megachurch today, so we stayed in and read in Acts and Luke (so we like Luke, I guess), sang a couple songs, and took communion together. For that, we used a leftover cookie we had (yum) and 100% grape juice (with a little sugar). Let me explain that one…we actually took about 20 grapes, washed them, and squished them in a colander to make juice…then strained the juice again. Then added sugar. Not bad, I tell ya, not bad. :) It was a nice time together, and we ended up having some discussion about why the current system of churches leaves people needy and unfed. See the end of Acts chapters 2 and 4…excellent stuff. That was the last part of our worship…we made a “mindy fine sign” to go up on our wall. Those of you who know her know what i mean…it’s Bible verses or quotes written in different colors creatively on poster boards or what not. So that’s on our kitchen wall now…parts from the end of chapters 2 and 4 of Acts.

Good day, though unfortunately it’s back to work tomorrow. Sigh. But a week of huge decisions…pray.


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