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August 30, 2007

Free HUGS!!!

Filed under: Just for fun — theburts @ 10:50 pm

I’m so excited about next Monday. I’d heard of this before, but had not seen much about it…and then I found this group today on facebook:

Free Hug Day

Now I can’t wait. At least Amanda and I, hopefully Josh, others, plan to make Free Hug signs and go and hold them up in crowded places around town. And hug people who’d like a hug. How wonderful it’d be if everyone in the world had at least one person a day give them a big hug…a handout of love. A glimpse of peace on earth. How much more radical is it that it could come from someone completely random. A stranger. Or even an enemy.

Anyway, should be lots of fun, even if the cops make us go away. :) Join in on the fun! Again, check out the website for plenty of cool videos, info, and the reasoning behind it all. Oh, and check out the Dave Matthews video that’s linked on the page for fun, too.



  1. Just thought I should update this blog. Cause Josh and I got kicked out of Opry Mills mall for hugging people. Actually, we got kicked out for holding up signs…even though they just said Free Hugs. But we hugged a few people, probably 20 something, before they could get to us. :)

    And had a great time. Maybe it brightened someone’s day, or lifted someone’s spirits. Maybe what we explained to the security officer about wanting people to remember that there’s good out there too, not just 9/11 and war, sunk in and made him think. Anyway, it was fun. Thanks, Josh, for getting kicked out of the mall with me. When are we going again?!? ;)

    Comment by danielandamanda — September 25, 2007 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

  2. I finally made it to your blog!! (And at my rate of reading blogs, it will probably be several months before I make it back here again.) I just wanted to comment on the story about you and Josh giving free hugs, which I think is totally cool, but apparently some public schools would disagree… Last week when I was in Chicago, I saw a news story about how elementary and junior high schools up there have made a rule against hugging in the school buildings. If students do hug, they will receive a punishment for breaking the rule. The reasons they gave for this include: inappropriate public display of affection; hugs distract students from learning; taking the time to hug can make you late to where you’re supposed to be; hugging can interfere with the walk-flow of others around. Are those lame or what? I mean, if there was some major hard-core hugging going on between junior high students, I can understand some of this, but those other reasons sound insane, and carrying this through to the elementary levels seems stupid too. Kids giving other kids hugs when they’re hurt, lonely, or happy is great! Not a bad thing they should be punished for. What are things coming to?!

    Comment by Andy — October 8, 2007 @ 4:44 am | Reply

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