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August 30, 2007

Free HUGS!!!

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I’m so excited about next Monday. I’d heard of this before, but had not seen much about it…and then I found this group today on facebook:

Free Hug Day

Now I can’t wait. At least Amanda and I, hopefully Josh, others, plan to make Free Hug signs and go and hold them up in crowded places around town. And hug people who’d like a hug. How wonderful it’d be if everyone in the world had at least one person a day give them a big hug…a handout of love. A glimpse of peace on earth. How much more radical is it that it could come from someone completely random. A stranger. Or even an enemy.

Anyway, should be lots of fun, even if the cops make us go away. :) Join in on the fun! Again, check out the website for plenty of cool videos, info, and the reasoning behind it all. Oh, and check out the Dave Matthews video that’s linked on the page for fun, too.



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We’re glad you’ve somehow stumbled onto our new blog site.

DISCLAIMERS: As a newly married couple, we don’t claim any profound insight on marriage. And as Christ-followers who struggle with “Church in These United States” and wonder how we can better mold our daily walks into what Jesus seeks from us, we don’t claim any amazing revelation on how to improve your spiritual relationships or bible knowledge. And we’re not really even that intelligent or funny! (ok, i think I should add that I speak for myself on that last one. heehee)

With all that said, we’d love to post some about what we’re learning as Mr. and Mrs. Burt and as son and daughter of Christ. As a way to speak what’s on our mind, and to keep in touch with other adventurers in the same areas. Plus, we’d like to use this blog to just tell stories…funny, sad, or whatever we’re in the mood to tell. Welcome to our page…we hope you enjoy!

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